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Widemann concert violin


I first saw Tobi Widemann's work at the Violin Society of America convention in 2008. Of the many instruments exhibited, his violin stood out for me by virtue of its striking appearance and fine tone. So much so that I decided to purchase it. It has the very full rounded tone and incisive brilliance that helps the player succeed in solo, orchestral and chamber music performances. Tobias's violin is also beautiful to look at, with a rich red varnish and striking, vigorous workmanship. I love my Widemann violin!

Frederick Rupert
Concertmaster, Reston Chamber Orchestra

I am more than happy with my viola made by Tobi. It is beautiful aesthetically and of course aurally. Because I have been the primary player of this viola, I have been able to shape the sound to compliment my own sound concept and it is extremely responsive. The instrument is easy to play and it is especially comfortable to reach high positions. It projects in a variety of performance spaces and has a full resonance, making good intonation very rewarding. I am very pleased to have found an instrument in this price range which is so well suited to my needs and I look forward to playing it for many years to come. The free servicing provided by Tobi and his commitment to his instruments has ensured that my viola has been in optimum condition - New Zealand is very lucky to have such a fine luthier.

Bryony Gibson-Cornish
New Zealand

I am very happy with my Widemann violin. It has a pleasing tone and is powerful enough for the concert hall while being responsive and easy to play. The fact that the instrument looks beautiful and cost less than others of its quality is icing on the cake!

Blythe Press
New Zealand

My Tobias Widemann viola is an incredible viola, and many seem to agree, as I often get comments on its rich, beautiful tone and its depth of sound. All four strings have great projection, which is an important quality that is hard to find, and the size suits me perfectly. When a teacher of mine played it he said that this is a viola suitable for a professional musician, and that it will be able to grow and mature with me. It is an exciting and big responsibility to play on a new instrument of this quality, as I have a direct input into its sound, and I hope that it will continue to make music long after I'm gone.

Leoni Wittchow
New Zealand

The violin I played, made by Tobias Widemann, is lovely in workmanship and also possesses a wonderful tone. It has a rich lower register, a strong and well-balanced middle range, and it sings all the way up to its highest notes. The tone is supple and warm and I'm certain it will only grow more beautiful as it ages. I was very impressed by this fine instrument and I look forward to seeing and playing on more of his work.

Endre Balogh
Violin Soloist & Photographer

In 2006 I purchased a violin made by Tobias Widemann through Antonio Strings in Christchurch. I had a selection of 8 violins to choose from . I narrowed it down to 2 violins, both made by Tobias.

The choice was very difficult as both were of excellent quality. Tobias was very supportive during the entire process. His unbiased opinion, patience and good advice as to what would suit my needs led him to replace the strings on one of the violins which made it the perfect fit for me.

I really like the excellent sound, quality of workmanship and looks of my violin and it continues to give me much pleasure. Personally meeting Tobias, and the fact that it is a German made violin, has made it that extra special. I wholeheartedly recommend Tobias Widemann's instruments.

Angela White
New Zealand